Being a Technologist In a Creative Business

Being a technologist in a business that's all about creativity and relationships can be challenging at times. As social media, mobile technology and analytics play a more important role in DRTV than ever before, I find myself defending the tech world.

As technology evolves, we’re going to see greater acceptance and use of all the tools at our disposal. As a technologist, I love to talk with people about what’s ahead and how the next new thing will make bold new creative approaches possible and will allow media buys to be that much more accurate. We are using collaboration tools like WireDrive and FuzeBox that are changing the way we communicate internally and with external stakeholders. We are learning how to integrate DRTV with social media with mobile technology with web sites, and as we get better at it, we will generate better results and create even more satisfied customers.

It wasn’t that long ago that only the tech people in agencies and at their clients were using social media. Now, everyone is online all the time sifting through the vast amounts of information available and trying to figure out how to use it to improve the advertising.

It is a challenge for all of us, but especially for those of us in IT. We’re focused on trying to keep up with the current infrastructure to keep all our existing technology running smoothly, and so we don’t always have the time we need to test new ideas and approaches. But things are changing and businesses of all types are expanding the role of IT to capitalize on the advances taking place. In the coming years, you are going to see IT taking a more active role in every business function, addressing all the problems and opportunities that arise.

In the creative business, the pace of tech change is fast. If we fail to understand the current needs and challenges of our business and just work to maintain status quo, we’ll sink fast. We need to be hyper-alert to every device and trend as they emerge and figure out ways to use them—or adapt them for use—to our agency’s and clients’ needs. 

More than ever, technology is advertising’s friend. So, go hug your IT guy and have a sit down to discuss the latest and greatest thing you just heard about. Just make sure he’s had his low-tech coffee first!

Joe McEvoy is IT Director at A. Eicoff & Co., one of North America's largest DRTV agencies.