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Our interactive management program is designed to introduce, foster awareness, and leave a lasting impression of your brand in the public eye. The goal is to distinguish you from your competitors and position the brand to self-sufficiently flourish and thrive. Our program calls for interactive marketing and public relations initiatives to meet half way on behalf of your brand, positioning it in local, regional, and national markets.

Once your identity has been established, well-positioned and the development strategy has been implemented, we offer ongoing execution of integrated marketing, public relations, and social media management services built on the foundation of your brand. We proactively identify which tactics are working and which are not working to clearly define future objectives that will prove to be successful. We provide powerful solutions based on sound strategies that extend from planning through execution, management, tracking and analysis.

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AJ Social Solutions has been able to take my business to the next level that I needed to take on bigger clients and expand my business to a nationwide company. I would recommend them to anyone!
— James Oconnell III - CEO Fast Track Title Abstract